Bucket List: Destinations

Each year through TV, Movies and Social Media we all discover new destinations or even events that we have to see and witness firsthand ourselves. For me I have been slowly attempting to see as many of these from my Bucket Lists as I can. However there are some Cities and Destinations that I have not managed to cross off my lists as of yet. Whether its due to not finding a good Package to the destination, length of the flight or just the upfront costs it varies. Most importantly as I fail to get to the current destinations, more are added each year making the list never ending and always growing.

Louvre- Paris, France

Paris, France. Yes, its shameful that I haven’t made it to Paris and the Eiffel Tower yet, and I was so close last year but plans changed and 3 days were spent instead in Amsterdam. Quelle tragique. With the Eiffel Tower and many world class museums, the amount of things to do in the city during the course of my trip would keep me entertained for days, and that’s not realizing that I would need to also visit the Loire Valley, Tahiti Beach in Saint Tropez as well as a tour of the Champagne region of France. Along with my slightly morbid, I would love a tour of the Paris Catacombs.

Shinjuku District, Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan. The only destination that is on both the Pride and Destination lists so far, Tokyo is like most metropolitan cities just cranked up to 11. From Shinjuku Ni-chōme which has more Gay Bars, LGBTQ Clubs and Saunas within a district that is less than 1/30th of a square mile. After running the nights away testing out the LGBTQ Tourist culture of Japan, stopping by an Onsen to soak my weary bones in a hot spring will be much needed. Both of those along with a stop at Harajuku Lane as well as for the 90s kid in me, taking in the Maricar tour of Tokyo will ensure that I am not only doing it for the ‘Gram, but the kid in me as well.

Acropolis- Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece. Once again leaning towards the wannabe Indy in Me. Athens has more of the right mix of History, Culture and LGBTQ Community that I look for in a travel destination than Cairo, just no Pyramids. However a stop to both the Acropolis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus more than make up for that along with the beauty of Santorini and the Gay beaches of Mykonos and Limanakia just outside of Athens. Lastly, a planned stop by Sky Athens for a 5-Course Meal of Greek Cuisine, Unlimited Wine and a 360 degree view of the city either at Sunset or Night, will make the trip one to remember.

Khan el-Khalili Market- Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt. Growing up with Indiana Jones and taking an Intro to Archaeology course to cover a requirement in College peaked my interest in traveling to Egypt. There’s just something that I need to see in my lifetime, the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Both are architectural wonders that were built without the modern day equipment that we use to build both our homes and skyscrapers. After taking the day trip to Giza and possibly Saqqara, I can satisfy my other travel vice… Shopping. Stopping by the hundred or so options of Souks and Bazaars, a spare suitcase may need to be in tow for all my purchases.

Blue Lagoon- Iceland

Iceland. Although Iceland has only one queer or LGBTQ Club; the island has some of the most interesting outdoor tourist sights out there. Coming from the least outdoorsy person, that’s saying something. I have horrible seasonal allergies and hate the cold and am not the biggest fan of the sweltering heat of summer sometimes either. None of that would stop me from taking in a Whale Watching tour or visiting during the Northern Lights during the Winter months. I would even lounge in one of the Geothermal Hot Spas such as the Blue Lagoon or Secret Lagoon, even though I don’t swim.