Am I a Disney Adult?

I am not a fully Disney Adult, but at this point I can certainly say that I am related to a few.  After growing up in Minnesota all my life; now that I, as well as my family, am a few hours’ drive from Disney, a quick long weekend trip to Disney World has been a trip we have made every few months; and I will say it is enjoyable and a whole lot of fun!

I will be honest, this is not my first trip or major life event at Disney.  When I was 19, a few decades ago, at my slightly more advanced age; I applied and was hired at Disney World.   I flew down with my family for my interview and was all prepared to make the move official however my life changed and I returned home within a few weeks of my interview.  But hey no judgments!  I was young, and this was my first time away from my family so I made choices that were based a little bit in fear and maybe some poor decision making.

So after that trip got cut so very short, we started our new holiday tradition, which is traveling to Disney for their Holiday After-Hour Events As adults, it is amazing; we don’t have to worry about bedtimes; at 40 (alright 45), I know that if I want to close out the park for Mickey’s Very Merriest Christmas Party, I have to take a nap. And I am okay with that!   Plus, to quote that old TikTok audio that we all used to show off our purchases; I got Adult Money now.  So those price tags are not major issue for me like they would have been during my teen days with Minimum Wage; I mean I am old enough to remember it at $5.15.  So those price tags are not a major issue for me like they would have been during my 20s when I was paid close to or at minimum wage; I mean I am old enough to remember it at $5.15.

After almost a year of planning for the move to Atlanta; I packed up my apartment and off I went. Then Covid hit, and our lives changed and I remained land-locked for over a year.   The longest that I had gone in years without a trip taken.  So for my Mom’s 70th birthday we decided to head to Universal Studios and Disney.  A lot of conversation and a 7-hour drive, and we had checked into our Marriott Vacation Club rental and were preparing for our park visits!  We started at Universal Studios and then moved on to Disneyworld.  But our plans were interrupted by Tropical Storm Wanda; which had other plans that prevented us from enjoying our full week in Disney. 

During these events we get to take in a few rides; we watch the holiday show; snack on the special holiday treats that they offer including even trick or treating during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. And even when my knees hurt, and I am walking through the park with a head full of gray hair and a belly, I still get a chance to feel like a kid again.  Which is why I can see the perspective of all the Disney Adults.  We all get a chance to relive our childhoods; those of us that regularly went or just went the once as kids it always seems like the first time again.

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